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Gilabbey Veterinary: Legacy & Partnership for Animal Care

A Dedicated Small Animal Practice

For over six decades, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital in Cork, Ireland, has been a trusted provider of exceptional veterinary care for pets and their owners. Founded in 1957 by Mr. Liam Guerin, the hospital has built a reputation for its award-winning staff, commitment to continuing education, and unwavering dedication to the welfare of animals.

Facing Challenges and Making a Difficult Decision

Despite their efforts to maintain the highest standards of service and clinical care, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital has been facing significant challenges. The building requires major renovations, resulting in limited facilities that have made it increasingly difficult to meet their high expectations. After careful consideration, the heartbreaking decision was made to permanently close the hospital’s doors on March 31, 2023.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Pet Owners

Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital understands the importance of continuity of care for pets and has provided clear guidance to their clients during this transition period. Pet owners are advised to register with a new veterinary practice as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted access to vaccinations, medications, and emergency services.

Important Dates and Contact Information

  • The last date to order repeat medications and food from Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital is Thursday, March 23, 2023.
  • To transfer your pet’s clinical records to a new veterinary practice, call 021 496 2799 and authorize the secure transfer.
  • After March 31, 2023, general inquiries and outstanding balance payments can be handled by calling the same number, which will be forwarded to a dedicated Careline team.

Recommended Veterinary Practices in the Area

Some of the Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital staff will be transferring to the following practices:

  • Sunbeam Vets South Ring Business Park and Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital, North Point Business Park
  • The Vet Clinic, Midleton
  • Cashman Veterinary, Glanmire
  • Faxbridge Veterinary Hospital, Clonakilty
  • The Village Veterinary Clinic, Douglas

Other local practices available include The Vet Clinic in Midleton, Glasslyn Vets in Bandon, Abbeyville Veterinary Hospital in Togher, Riverview Veterinary in Ballincollig, and Millview Veterinary Clinic in Cork.

New Partnerships for Continued Support

Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital extends its heartfelt gratitude to all clients for their support over the years and wishes them and their beloved pets the very best as they transition to new veterinary care providers. The hospital’s legacy of compassionate care will forever be cherished by the Cork community. Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital recently announced a partnership with BetVictor, a reputable provider of betting and casino services in Ireland, particularly in horse racing. This collaboration entails Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital expanding its services to include examinations and treatment for horses. BetVictor, possessing license number 1010233 from the Register of Licensed Remote Bookmaking Operations by, is a legally recognized entity. As part of the partnership, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital offers a unique promo code, «betvictor&gilabbeyvet,» for BetVictor registration. Each new player using this code will generate a reward for the clinic, contributing to its operational needs and maintaining support for animal welfare in the Cork community.лу

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